Water Softener Installation and Replacement in Ambler, PA

Looking for professional water softening solutions? Let our experts help with quality water softener installation and replacement.

Hard water is a common issue affecting many households in the Ambler, PA area. Although hard water is not unsafe to use or consume, if left untreated it can affect the efficiency of your plumbing system as well as your normal household activities.

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Benefits of Water Softeners for Ambler Homeowners

Improved water quality

Water softeners aren’t just for helping to improve the taste of your water–they can also improve the overall quality of your water supply. This means cleaning dishes and glassware becomes easier, you won’t see any more hard water stains in your toilet bowl or sink, and your clothes will be able to easily retain their color and quality.

Greater plumbing efficiency

Hard water contains minerals that can cause scale buildup in your water supply lines, fixtures, and faucets. This can lead to low water pressure, clogs, and other persistent plumbing problems. A whole-home water softening system installed by our skilled Ambler water softener experts will significantly reduce chances of scaling in your plumbing system, prolong the life of your plumbing appliances and fixtures, and help you avoid recurring plumbing problems.

Easy showers and baths

If you have hard water, you know how difficult it can be to enjoy a relaxing shower or bath. Your hair may feel brittle afterwards, or your skin left feeling dry and itchy. These are caused by the film of calcium and magnesium minerals left on your hair and body, which can have abrasive effects. With a water softener, you can finally enjoy hassle-free showers that will leave your hair and skin feeling smoother.

Longer appliance life

Water Softeners and Water Conditioners: Selecting the Right System for Your Ambler Home

Are you wondering if you should install a water softener, or opt for a low-maintenance water conditioner? The right system for your home will depend on your individual needs and preferences. 

For more comprehensive solutions to hard water, we recommend traditional water softeners. These systems rely on salt-based technology to efficiently remove the calcium and magnesium ions from your water supply and will leave your water with a silky smooth feeling.

Traditional water softeners require regular maintenance that includes refilling the salt and regenerating the system (to flush out the captured minerals). Homeowners who want something that requires less maintenance may want to consider water conditioners: these systems can also treat hard water, but instead of removing the minerals the water conditioner will alter their behavior so there is less of an abrasive effect.

Whether you choose to install a water softener, a water conditioner, or even another type of water treatment system, our experts are here to provide the quality installation you deserve.

Water softener installation in Ambler, PA

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