Plumbing Service Agreements for Ambler Homeowners

We have streamlined this from multiple plans to one – simply titled our Service Partner Plan. 

It costs either $25/month or $299 Annually if pre-paid. Details and more information below.

Call now to discuss your plumbing needs in Ambler, PA and learn more about signing up for a plumbing service agreement.

Benefits of Signing Up for Plumbing Service Agreements

In addition to additional savings and priority service, customers who sign up for annual service agreements will receive comprehensive plumbing maintenance each year. PlumbPRO Services offers annual plumbing maintenance services as part of our plumbing service agreement for residential customers. 

Maintenance will include checking for leaks, taking care of minor repairs, checking the water pressure, and ensuring that your overall plumbing system is working as efficiently as possible. 

By having regular maintenance carried out, it will be easier for our team to become familiar with your plumbing system so we can quickly and easily diagnose any issues that occur and return your plumbing to normal without hassle.

What to Expect from Our Annual Plumbing Maintenance Services

The last thing you want is to have a clog or backed up toilet mess up your bathroom, or have a hidden leak drive up your water bill. Fortunately, you can keep plumbing problems at bay and avoid unnecessary emergencies with routine plumbing inspections and maintenance.

Here is what you can expect from our annual maintenance services:

Unlike a clog or a dripping faucet, leaking or deteriorating water supply lines are often difficult to notice–at least, they’re hard to notice outright or right away. Since they are installed behind your walls or ceiling, you will need to be on the lookout for other warning signs. These include:

  • Dispatch Fee Waived

  • 5% Discount On All Services

  • Priority Scheduling

  • Extended warranties

  • Comprehensive Plumbing Inspection (Including Water Heater Flush)

  • Annual Gas Furnace/Boiler Tune Up

  • Annual A/C Tune Up

  • Annual Sewer Lateral Assessment

plumber pro services service agreements

Call Our Ambler Plumbing Company Today for Quality Solutions

At PlumbPRO Services our team is committed to helping you find safe and accurate solutions to a variety of plumbing problems. But you can avoid problems in the first place with regular maintenance from our experts. With a plumbing service agreement, you won’t just receive professional maintenance services–you also get priority service for fast relief from your plumbing problems, so your home can get back to normal as soon as possible.


Residential Properties Only, Commercial Buildings Do Not Qualify.

1 year Labor warranty extended to 2 years; Drain cleaning to 60 days instead of 30. Non-Flushable items in drain or known ongoing defects void warranty. Does not not apply to manufacturer’s extended warranties, labor only. Sewer Lateral Assessment must be from an accessible, outside clean-out; access from any other access point incurs additional cost. Plan provides service for up to 4 HVAC systems; additional system(s) incurs additional cost. Early Cancellation of Pre-paid plan may result in a partial refund if services have been rendered.

Learn more about our annual service agreements and plumbing maintenance services in Ambler, PA. Contact our team today for more information or to sign up!

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