Sewer Line Replacement in Ambler, PA

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Is Sewer Replacement the Right Solution for Your Ambler Home?

It’s not always necessary to replace your entire sewer line. Depending on the problem, we can have a section replaced, or we can have the line cleared out without invasive digging or excavations.

Before recommending sewer replacement, we will perform noninvasive sewer camera inspections to confirm the problem so we can provide you with the most accurate solution.

Factors to consider before we recommend sewer replacement include:

Age of your sewer pipes

Sewer pipes are designed to last several decades. But if your home is older, with original plumbing in place, sewer replacement may be a smart long-term solution. 

Cast iron sewer lines are expected to last 75 years, clay pipes 60 years, and PVC pipes up to 100 years. Our experts will inspect your system and help you determine if your sewer line will benefit from a full replacement.

Pipe corrosion

In many cases, corrosion in the sewer line can be resolved without replacing your pipes. But if the corrosion is severe enough, or if you have older or deteriorating lines in addition to corroded pipes, replacement may be the best solution.

Tree root damage

Tree roots are always in search of a water source, and your sewer line is an easy target. Extensive pipe damage due to invasive tree roots may require a full sewer replacement.

Sewer line replacement experts in Ambler, PA

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At PlumbPRO Services we are committed to helping you find fast relief from sewer problems. We understand how stressful it is to experience a mess in your bathroom caused by blocked or damaged sewer lines. Our experts will take the time to identify the cause of your sewer problem and discuss options for replacement that will help you enjoy worry-free plumbing for years to come.

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