Slab Leak Detection and Repair in Ambler, PA

Looking for a reliable plumber who can help with a leaking sewer or water line underneath your home’s foundation? Slab leaks are found under the concrete slab foundation of your home and can lead to water or structural damage if the problem goes unresolved. Shifting soil as a result of the slab leak can cause your foundation to crack or settle. 

Get slab leaks fixed quickly with help from PlumbPRO Services. We offer professional slab leak detection and repair for homeowners throughout the Ambler, PA area. Our experts will locate the affected area and have the problem safely and efficiently resolved.

Let our experts help you find the right solutions! Call today for immediate slab leak detection and repair services in Ambler, PA or surrounding areas.

Signs It’s Time to Contact Our Ambler Slab Leak Professionals

Unlike faucet leaks or other outright plumbing problems, slab leaks can be difficult to notice right away. However, there are warning signs Ambler homeowners should be familiar with so you will know when to call for help with a slab leak. These include:

  • Large cracks in your foundation or flooring

  • Water pooling around the foundation

  • Unexplained spike in your water bill

  • Damp spots on your floor

  • Constant sound of water running through pipes

If you think your home has a slab leak, reach out to our experts for an immediate inspection. We will help you find the source of the problem and go over the best options for your home.

Detecting and Repairing Slab Leaks for Ambler Homeowners

We provide noninvasive slab leak detection that will help pinpoint the affected area of your sewer or water line. Our experts will use a digital pipe locator to trace the location of your underground pipes. Once we’ve traced a path for your sewer or water line, we will track down the location of the leak using noninvasive leak detection methods.

Ambler slab leak repair experts

Your Slab Leak Repair Options

We will take the time to discuss the different options for repair and help you determine the most cost-effective and accurate solution for your home based on your specific situation.

Pipe replacement: With this process we will need to open your flooring and your foundation in order to access the leak. The damaged pipe will be removed and replaced with new, quality material. This is typically the most common and direct method of resolving slab leaks.

Pipe lining: We may recommend pipe lining if your pipes are easily accessible. Pipe lining is less invasive than directly replacing your pipes, and will only require small access points to get the job done.

Pipe rerouting: If the affected pipes are old, in decay, or severely damaged, rerouting is often a smart option. Pipe rerouting can help prevent recurring problems and is a long-term solution compared to simply repairing the pipe leak.

Call now for fast turnarounds and quality solutions. Serving the slab leak detection and repair needs of residents in Ambler, PA and the surrounding area.

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