AC Filter Replacement in Ambler, PA

Replacing the AC filter is one of the most important tasks you can complete for your HVAC system. Regular filter replacement will keep your comfort system running efficiently, which will help you enjoy reliable and consistent indoor comfort.

PlumbPRO Services is your partner in whole-home comfort. We offer professional AC maintenance and filter replacement for homeowners in the Ambler, PA, area. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss your needs and be on your way to greater energy efficiency and comfort.

Let us help your AC run more efficiently with routine maintenance services and AC filter replacement. Call now for immediate service in Ambler, PA.

How Often Should Ambler, PA, Homeowners Replace Their AC Filter?

The AC filter should be replaced every one to three months, with frequency of replacement depending on your specific indoor comfort needs and goals.

Have pets or smokers in your home? You may want to replace the AC filter every two months.

Household members with allergies or other respiratory conditions? Replacing the AC filter every six weeks is recommended.

For all other households, taking the time to change out the filter every three months will keep your air conditioner working at peak efficiency.

Fiberglass and Pleated AC Filters: Which One is Best for Your Ambler, PA, Home?

How often you replace your AC filter will also depend on the type of filter used.

Fiberglass AC filters are easily found and work with any budget. They also offer great airflow. But they are less effective when it comes to capturing smaller particles and allergens. They also need to be replaced every month.

Pleated AC filters are a popular choice because they offer the best value. These filters can be replaced every two to three months, which can help you save over time. Pleated AC filters feature a larger surface area and can capture smaller particles that would typically go right through a fiberglass filter.

No matter which type of filter you choose to use, our team at PlumbPRO Services will work closely with you to assess your specific indoor comfort needs and recommend the best solutions for your home. We understand how frustrating it can be to experience any kind of cooling problem and will make sure you receive the quality service and solutions you deserve.

Contact our team today to schedule timely AC maintenance and receive filter replacement as well. Serving the cooling needs of Ambler, PA, and surrounding areas.

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