As a homeowner, chances are you’ve stared down at a clogged drain more than once. Although they are a common occurrence, they are something you should try to avoid. Ongoing clogs are usually a sign of an underlying issue and should be addressed by a plumber in Ambler, PA as soon as possible. 

What many homeowners don’t know about ongoing clogs is that the problem is probably too far down the lines to be fixed with a common clog removing product. Depending on the location of the clog, it can eventually start to affect other drains in the home leading to a truly unpleasant and costly situation. 

The good news is there is an important plumbing fixture you’ve probably never heard of that can resolve drain clogs fast – drain cleanouts. Here we explain the importance of drain cleanouts and how they help with ongoing clogs.

What are Drain Cleanouts?

Drain cleanouts allow plumbers to feed their drain cleaning tools into a special opening in the line. The openings are strategically placed so the tools can clear clogs anywhere in the line. The cleanouts are usually inconspicuous, so they blend in with your home or property. As a result, it takes a plumbing expert to spot the drain cleanout and resolve your clog issues. Drain cleanouts are a segment of pipe with a round removable cover. When there are clogged drain issues, your Ambler, PA plumbing expert knows where to find the cleanout. They can quickly access your drain line in both directions for several dozen feet.

Why are Drain Cleanouts So Important?

Without a drain cleanout, plumbers would not be able to feed their tools into the drain line. Most tools only reach about 50 to 60 feet. The cleanout provides a more direct route in both directions allowing them to reach further down the drain line. The drain cleanouts are strategically placed so plumbers have access to the further reaches of the line. 

As a result, regardless of the clog’s location, every inch of the network can be serviced. Your bill is also lower because the plumber works more efficiently without performing any costly labor such as digging or drilling to get to the drain line.

How Do Plumbers Know Where the Drain Cleanout is Located?

Each home has different locations for their drain cleanouts as they need to be placed where they provide the most access. They can’t be located in an area that poses a danger such as too close to systems like electrical. Homeowners also don’t want the unsightly pipe to mar the appearance of their home or property. Therefore, they are commonly located in hidden yet accessible areas such as garages, storage closets or outside the home. They are out of the way because they also aren’t sanitary and filled with raw sewage and waste. Your home needs protection from waste and “gray” water that could flow down your drains. 

Exterior drain cleanouts are ideal as it reduces the risk for bad smells as well as any spillage that can occur. Plumbers know the most common locations based on the area and age of the home and will look for the drain cleanouts in these spots first. There are also plumbing codes for drain cleanouts that help them find the cleanouts easily.

How Many Drain Cleanouts Do Homes Need?

Older homes tend to have fewer drain cleanouts which means the drain lines can be harder to access. Modern plumbing codes require more cleanouts based on the size of your home as well as where your drains are located. For plumbing to be up to code in new homes drain cleanouts are required in the following areas:

  • A main sewer cleanout: This cleanout is usually found where your sewer main reaches the public sewer system.
  • In bathrooms or utility areas: Although not all bathrooms or utility areas will have a cleanout if you do have a cleanout, it will be found either under the sink or near the toilet. If you don’t have a drain cleanout in these rooms, it is something you should consider having installed
  • Slab-built homes: If you live in an area with warmer climates, a drain cleanout is often located near your home in the ground covered by a metal box.

Having enough drain cleanouts ensures you don’t face the high cost of complex plumbing services to remove clogs. One call to PlumbPRO Services to discuss your clogging issues, or to find out more about proper drain cleanout installation is all it takes to get the results you need.