A common mistake many Ambler homeowners make is ignoring the signs of a potential drain problem. Although life gets busy and the idea of dealing with drain problems adds one more thing to your list, when you ignore the signs, it can lead to far more serious, and extremely costly issues. Here we look at the early warning signs of big drain problems and why it is so important to address them sooner than later.

Gurgling Sounds

This is usually one of the earliest warning signs, and also the most ignored. A clear drain allows water to flow easily and is relatively quiet. Blockages in the drain system can cause gurgling or sucking sounds as the pipes strain to allow the water to pass through.

Unpleasant Smells from Sinks

Another early sign is if you find there is a foul smell like sewage coming from your drains. This is a sign you have a clog. The smell is caused by the wastewater from your sinks or tub not being drained completely from the pipes due to a clog. As a result, you can experience sewer gasses getting trapped and escaping through the p-traps. There may also be food debris in the clog that is rotting.

Water Drains Slowly

As the block becomes worse, your wastewater will begin to drain more slowly. For example, when taking a shower, you might find yourself standing in an inch or two of water. You might also find when you release the plug after doing the dishes or shaving the water takes forever to disappear. When this happens, you have an obstruction in the pipes. If you are on a septic tank it could also mean the wastewater is not being filtered fast enough. A more serious and costly problem could be a clog in the sewer line from your home. In this case, you’ll experience slower draining in all of your sinks. This can also lead to issues with overflowing toilets.

Leaking Wastewater

Pressure on the pipes from clogs can cause slow leaks in the pipes. This is not clean water, and instead wastewater, also known as gray water. Pools of water in your yard, or wet spots in your home either on the ceiling, or at the top or bottom of the walls, can be a sign you have drainage issues. If you are on a septic tank, the leaks cause water to pool on your property. Either way, this is a clear sign it’s time to give PlumbPRO Services a call.

Sewage Backup Stains

If you have a sewage backup due to poor drainage, this will cause water stains in the basement. Any sign of water damage in the basement should be addressed right away as not only could it be related to the plumbing, but you could also have issues with your foundation. Both should be fixed ASAP, so the damage doesn’t get worse.

Increasing Water Bill

If you are using the same amount of water, but you notice your water bill is increasing, this can mean you either have a leak in your waterline or somewhere else in your home. If the increases continue, it’s time to call for professional help to figure it out.

Why You Should Never Ignore the Signs

When you have a clog that isn’t cleared, it continues to place more and more pressure on your pipes. While in the early days water can still manage to squeeze through, as the clog worsens, the water has more difficulty passing through the system. The longer you wait, the worse the clog becomes and the more pressure that builds up.

Eventually, something has to give, which means the pipes will either develop a slow leak or the pipes will burst. A slow leak causes damage behind the walls which takes longer to notice, while a full burst floods your home with stagnant “gray” water. The smell and mess of a burst pipe is a terrible thing to clean up, and the costs of the potential damage can be in the thousands, not including the plumbing costs. Slow leaks might be even worse as they are less noticeable allowing moisture to build up for weeks or even months causing serious water damage including mold growth.

If you notice any of these problems in your Ambler home, look for other signs and act quickly. Call us at PlumbPRO Services to assess the situation and make repairs before the problem becomes serious.