Most homeowners don’t give much thought to their plumbing system until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, with so many components all running beneath your walls, floors, and ceilings, when something does go wrong, it can be quite costly. 

Not only does the plumbing itself require work, but you can also be faced with the cost of dealing with water damage. That’s why camera inspections of sewers and drain lines are so important. You get a clear picture of the condition of your underlying pipes, sewers and drains condition. As a result, you can take preventative steps to make repairs before disaster strikes. Here we explain why it’s so important to consider plumbing camera inspections.

What is a Camera Inspection?

Camera inspection uses the latest technology to inspect plumbing components including your drain or sewer line. This allows plumbers to inspect what lies beneath the ground or inside your home without the need to remove drywall, pull up floors or dig up your front yard. This is the reason this approach is often referred to as “trenchless” technology. Using a camera and advanced video technology, plumbers can insert the camera into the main sewer line cleanout of your home and see what is happening as the flexible took makes its way through the pipes. This non-invasive approach to inspection provides valuable insight regarding the condition of your drain lines and sewer system, so you can avoid costly repairs in the future.

Camera Inspections Locate Hidden Leaks

The introduction of the plumbing camera can help homeowners save thousands of dollars on major repairs. Plumbers can now take a proactive approach to spot issues early on so they can make less invasive, uncomplicated repairs. You aren’t at risk of costly leaks that can either be a slow drip that causes damage over time, or a major burst that floods your property or home. The problem with water is that it is quite sneaky. It has a way of getting into and through the tiniest cracks, which leads to slow leaks over long periods of time. 

While it might not seem this can cause extensive damage, water can lead to all kinds of issues from eating away at your home’s structure to dangerous, toxic mold. And when it comes to sewers and drain lines, leaks are not clean water, but instead, contain flow from flushed toilets and other dirty water draining from your home. This means these leaks can be quite hazardous and cost thousands of dollars in clean-up fees. With a camera, plumbers can spot issues before they become serious and take the proper steps to resolve the issue quickly.

Camera Inspections Confirm the Condition of Your Pipes

A camera sewer inspection is the best way to confirm the condition of your pipes. Plumbers can look for all kinds of damage, from corrosion to cracks, and interference from roots to clogs. So while you might think it’s a waste of money, you are actually investing in your plumbing’s health. Proactive approaches to plumbing are always far cheaper in the long run. Your plumber can confirm your pipes are in excellent condition so you know you can breathe easy, or they can find weaknesses that will lead to costly damage in the future. 

Something like a collapsed pipe can cause terrible damage and the best way to avoid this damage is to invest in the repairs now. Plumbers can find the exact location of the problem, which also means you save on labor costs. They can consider the problem and come up with the most cost-effective solutions to save you money. You avoid a disastrous plumbing emergency that can damage your home, precious belongings, and property.

Avoiding Insurance Issues

Many homeowners assume their home insurance will automatically cover the costs of water damage, but this is not necessarily true. Insurance companies expect you to take reasonable care to avoid disasters such as major leaks due to old plumbing. If your pipes burst and there is no evidence available to show the insurance company you have in fact taken precautions to avoid such a disaster, then they might say it was your fault for not maintaining your home properly. If you invest in regular camera inspections, your plumber can advise how often you should have your pipes inspected, and also make repairs. 

This provides evidence to your insurance company should an issue still occur, so you can show them you have in fact taken the proper steps to avoid floods and leaks. Also, your policy might only cover certain types of water damage. Sewer line repairs are not included in all home insurance policies. So be sure you understand what is covered in your insurance.

Although you might not have given much thought to your plumbing, you can see how easily your pipes can lead to costly damage. It just takes a sewer and drain line camera inspection to understand what lies below so you can make repairs today to avoid even more cost tomorrow.