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Water Softeners: Why You Need One

Nearly 90% of American homes use hard water. So the chances that you live in a place with hard water are high. Water hardness comes from dissolved magnesium and calcium. Although drinking hard water causes no health problems, it gives an unpleasant taste of metal and damages household appliances. Water softeners help remove the minerals that …

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Water Softeners

Bathtub Draining Slow? Read This

If your bathtub is draining slowly, you’re not alone. Most bathtubs clog for the same reason. And the process doesn’t happen overnight. If you don’t clean your drains regularly, you risk having a serious clog in the future. But the good news is that most drain problems are simple to fix. We’ll see how you …

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Bathtub Drain

How to Plunge Like a Plumber

If you’ve ever come face to face with a clogged toilet, you know it can be pretty tense. Watching that water rise quickly and knowing you only have a few minutes or even seconds to react can be extremely stressful. The last thing you want is for the contents of that bowl to overflow onto …

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