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Sewer Lateral Camera Inspection

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Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer lateral camera inspection is needed when your sewer lateral, or side sewer, experiences a blockage or possible line break. The professional technicians at PlumbPRO Services in Ambler, PA can inspect the sewer lateral with high-tech equipment that allows us to see the source of any plumbing problems you’re experiencing and offer the best solutions available.

What is a Sewer Lateral?

The underground pipe that connects the main sewer line to your home is referred to as a sewer lateral. In most cases, the sewer lateral is considered the responsibility of the homeowner, which is why it’s so important to ensure the line is working properly and free of blockage-causing debris. The sewer lateral is positioned at an angle to allow sewage from your Ambler home to be carried with a gravitational force to the main sewer line. When years of build-up, invasive tree roots or a line break hinder that process, a sewer lateral camera inspection is necessary.

Ignoring plumbing problems that occur within the sewer lateral could result in sewage backing up into your home or a broken line that allows raw sewage to pool in your yard. In addition to clogs and blockages, your sewer lateral line also battles natural corrosion and age. A routine sewer lateral camera inspection each year will allow our team of plumbers at PlumbPRO Services to catch small plumbing issues before they become emergency repairs for your Ambler property.

The Results of Sewer Camera Inspections

A sewer lateral camera inspection helps the experienced team at PlumbPRO Services understand what issues exist in your plumbing system and allows workers to determine the best way to treat the issue. A plumbing camera inspection can detect tree root intrusion, misaligned pipes, broken pipes, punctured pipes, corroded pipes, blocked pipes, and grease buildup within your pipes. No matter what a camera inspection reveals, our team will always be able to handle it with a precises diagnosis and an accurate solution.

Benefits of Professional Pipe Inspection

The numerous pipes, routes, and potentially different piping material that run beneath your Ambler home creates a complex plumbing system. A sewer lateral camera inspection is used for many reasons, but they are always accurate, preventative, and simple when conducted on your pipes.

Our team utilizes sewer lateral camera inspections for the following reasons:

Accurate: The PlumbPRO Services team uses a sewer lateral camera inspection to gain an accurate look at what’s happening inside your pipes, so there’s no guesswork in accurately diagnosing the issue.

Preventative: An Ambler sewer camera lateral inspection isn’t only used to treat a problems currently affecting your property. It can also be used to look at the current state of  your plumbing system such as before a home purchase or during regular plumbing maintenance.

Simple: A sewer camera lateral inspection in Ambler allows the PlumbPRO Services team to evaluate your plumbing problem without digging a trench through your front lawn or destroying your home’s flooring.

Let Our Team Inspect Your Ambler Pipes Today

If you’re in need of sewer lateral repair or want to speak with PlumbPRO Services about the benefits of a camera inspection, call our team today. Our technicians can use this state-of-the art camera inspection technology to quickly and effectively solve your plumbing needs.

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