Professional Leak Detection in Ambler, PA

Looking for a reliable plumbing professional who can help track down hidden leaks behind your walls or ceiling?

PlumbPRO Services offers accurate leak detection services throughout Ambler, PA and surrounding areas. We use noninvasive equipment and methods that will keep your walls and ceiling intact throughout the leak detection process. Once we have confirmed the leak, we will discuss the next steps and provide you with options for pipe repair or replacement.

Give us a call today to schedule professional leak detection services in the Ambler, PA area.

Signs Your Ambler Home Needs Professional Leak Detection

  • Unexplained spike in your water bill?

  • Water stains on your walls or ceiling?

  • Mold growth?

  • Water meter running nonstop?

  • Constantly hearing water running through your pipes?

Why Ambler Homeowners Shouldn’t Ignore Leaks in the Water Supply Line

Any leak, even minor ones, can drive up your water bill by wasting several gallons of water a day. Leaking pipes may also be warning signs of weak or deteriorating water supply lines that are in danger of freezing and bursting, which can result in more serious (and costly) problems such as structural or water damage.

This is why early leak detection is important when it comes to protecting your home from unexpected plumbing emergencies. Taking the time to have your water supply lines inspected for leaks will provide you with greater peace of mind and the confidence to continue with your normal activities without worrying about additional plumbing problems.

Noninvasive Leak Detection Services in Ambler, Pennsylvania

We are committed to carrying out accurate and safe plumbing solutions. Our noninvasive leak detection services are designed to provide the results you need without having to open up the walls or ceiling of your home. Using infrared and acoustic leak detectors, we can accurately locate the affected areas and provide you with clear steps on what needs to be done to resolve the problem.

Get hidden leaks resolved quickly and efficiently. Call now for immediate leak detection in Ambler, PA or the surrounding area.

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