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Undetected leaks can caused your home to lose large and unnecessary amounts of water that cause your utility bill to skyrocket. Leak detection services with the PlumbPRO Services team are needed if your water bill is steadily increasing. Large water leaks are typically easy to spot, but small, pinhole leaks are much more difficult to detect. Our highly skilled technicians use the most advanced technology to pinpoint exactly where your leak is and offer the repair solution that best meet your needs.

Working with PlumbPRO Services to provide your Ambler, PA property with reliable leak detection services means you can feel confident that your pipe problems are being solved with professionalism and speed. Our expert technicians always arrive on time, respect your property, perform various test to quickly and efficiently determine where a leak is occurring within your pipe, complete noninvasive repairs, and leave your property in pristine condition when we are finished. Whether we find a single pinhole leak or multiple small leaks within your system, we show you exactly where the leak is and how we will fix it.

Signs Your Ambler Property Needs Leak Detection Services

Without the proper technology, small leaks can go undetected within your plumbing system for weeks or months at a time. Hard to notice leaks are especially prevalent beneath your Ambler home or in the walls of your house. Being aware of changes in your home’s water system is the best way to determine and diagnose leaking pipes.

Water system changes that may indicate a leak in your sewer or drain system include low water pressure, a sudden increase in your water bill, the sound of running water within your walls, water spots or discoloration on your ceiling, and dampness or pooling of water on the interior or exterior of your property.  

Any of these warning signs are reason for you to schedule leak detection services with one of our trusted professionals at PlumbPRO Services. Pipes are often located underground, so be mindful of other changes in your water flow and costs to know when to seek out leak detection services. Our professionally trained technicians can fix your leak with traditional repair methods or select one of our valued plumbing partners to make the repair.

Methods of Leak Detection in Ambler, PA

Leak detection for your Ambler home can be completed in a number of ways. The professional plumbers with PlumbPRO Services will use multiple methods of leak detection to find the source of the problem

Heat Detection with Camera Inspection: Thermal imaging can help identify water damage on your walls, floors, and ceilings. Our leak detection equipment can reveal the temperature differences between wet and dry areas, revealing moisture that would not normally be there.

Smoke Testing: Smoke testing for residential plumbing allows our professional plumbers to push artificial smoke through the pipes to detect leaks or cracks within your pipes. Where there are cracks or pinhole leaks, plumes of smokes will appear.

Odor Testing: Our technicians will access the drain-waste-vent pipe, typically located on your roof, and pour peppermint oil and hot water into the pipe. We’ll replace the cap and a second technician is inside the home, waiting to detect the scent of peppermint emerging from the pipes.

Call to Schedule a Leak Detection Appointment with Your Ambler Pipe Experts

All of our leak detection services are safe and reliable, allowing our team to solve your leaking pipes with care and speed. At PlumbPRO Services, we use state-of-the-art technology to perform leak detection and give you possible solutions from which to choose. Our technicians are trained to complete you leak detection services in the most efficient way possible. Call to speak to one of our friendly associates and see how our services can help your Ambler plumbing system perform better today.

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